About me

Andrej Miklavc, former top athlete (Alpine Skiing), Winner of World Cup race, 3 Time Olympian, Entrepreneur. After long and successful sport career and BA (Marketing & Management), Andrej Co-Commentate Sport on National TV.

Further on he become Business & Management Consultant, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer with Wireless Company, Representative of the World's largest Telecommunication Company.

Last decade Andrej is involved in Speaking, Coaching and High Impact Consulting. He is proud Keynote, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker. Organizing and providing High Performance events and workshops are very challenging and Andrej is honored to share topics to all participants.

My Story

As a kid I was involved in different sports (basketball, handball, alpine skiing). My first steps on the skies were when I was 2,5 years old in our back yard. When I had 6 I joined local Ski Club who has great history of famous, World Cup skiers in Skofja Loka, Slovenia. Alpine skiing used to be No. 1 National Sport in former Yugoslavia and also later in Slovenia, when we declared our independence back in 1991. Lots of my schoolmates and friends were skiing those days as we had small ski resort Stari Vrh, close to Skofja Loka and my home town. We had many junior races, where we competed also with international racers from Italy, Austria, Germany, France, etc.
I was not always top racer in my generation as we had strong competitiveness among many racers. What I had since my early steps, was passion and clear goal, that I want to become a winner of the World Cup and compete at Olympics. When I reached 19 I became a member of National Team and started first World Cup race. I was making constant progress and by the year 1995 came close to top 30 skiers in two disciplines (Slalom & Giant Slalom).
Season 94/95 was the season, where also World Championship was on the calendar beside regular World cup tour. Seasons with Olympics or World Championship have specially designed calendar of World Cup races and normally there is a “gap” made in February for all best World Cup skiers to compete at OG and/or WC. Same was back in season 94/95 when World Championship was planned in Sierra Nevada – Spain. No doubt, there were already warm winters at that time and it happened Sierra Nevada had to cancel World Championship due to high temperatures and no snow! Organizers of the World Cup tour faced new challenge how to fill the gap with all TV coverage’s and how to keep in moving all world’s best skiers. They came out with an idea, to organize promotional races across Europe with life TV coverage on all TV’s with rights to cover World Cup Tour.
One of those promotional races has been organized in Lienz -  Austria in late February 1995. Of course I was competing there too. It was a Giant Slalom race and I was well on the way through the course and after 2/3 of the course in one gate….
… I crashed!
I crashed badly and I couldn’t move my right leg. In the moment, in single moment “My world (known till this moment) disappeared and I found myself in complete new environment, completely  strange to me. After a medical inspection and later after all XR’s, MRI’s I was faced with major knee injury which needed surgery and at least 9 months of recovery and rehabilitation, to put me back on snow again.  Because that was happening in March 1995, quick calculation showed I’ll be missing next season as well. That was almost the same, as the end of the world for me. Recognizing my “old” world was passing by, all my colleagues, team mates and competitor were flowing way ahead of me, without myself.
I was fortune enough, surgery went by with no complication and was still staying in hospital. At evenings I was talking to other patient, present in the same Orthopedic Hospital in Ljubljana, shared my stories and listened to others. One story really shocked me and was told by the lady on the wheelchair. She had bad car accident and lost her husband in that car. She had already 8 surgeries behind her and still awaiting for another 4, to maybe get a chance to walk again in her life. Uauu I said to myself, my injury is piece of cake and I’ll definitely be able to walk normally and live normal life after my surgery.
Later I’ve spent 2 months rehabilitating in special rehabilitation center after surgery and the only goal & focus I had in mind was to get back on snow as quickly as possible. I really didn’t take care for any other thing. Slowly I started with special training process and that lead me to my first snow training after four and a half months after surgery!! It was basically free skiing but I had an emotion level and feeling as I won the World Cup. My daily activities was sweating (training), physiotherapy, video analysis’s and every and only things connecting to my come back. I joined National team on the training in Chile in August and starting training through gates. I had less pain to train Slalom, that’s why I focused more on Slalom training rather to Giant Slalom. Most of September and October I spent on glaciers around Europe and progress has been seen through out every day. In November our Team traveled to Colorado, US for final preparation before World Cup season started in Park City.
That was my first race after my injury, after complete new life experience and after long and hardworking process.
With starting number 19 I finished 13th after the first run and it was encouraging for me a lot! In the second run we started with reverse order of first 15 after the first run. When I cross finish line in the second run, I was leading and every next competitor, crossing finish line was behind me. It ended up, I WON the World Cup race. It ended up, I WON the first race in the season, my first race after major injury. After 8 months! By that time knowledge of medicine, knee surgeries and rehabilitation process that was a medical phenomena for all!
This season was the most successful for me in entire sport career and it happened I always finished in top 15. That was huge for me, huge for my team, huge for all who believed I can do come back in the snow.
I’ve learned and proofed that inner strength and power can overcome the worst situations. Dedication and believe to your own clear goals and believes, can bring you far beyond the limits, everyone (not somebody from outside) seems to have.
I was competing also at three Olympics. Every single Olympics has been great story for itself and expresses touching personal stories to share. Not to mention, that back in 1991 when former Yugoslavian Republic of Slovenia declared independence, International Olympic Committee was among firs International Organization supported and recognized Slovenia as independent Country. I was fortune and privileged enough to be member of first Slovenian Olympic Team in Albertville 1992.

My purpose
I firmly believe by focusing on your goals can lead you to a new levels in every area of your life. Knowing the positive approach has better chances to reach positive goals and once you connect yourself with like minded people, amazing things can happen. I always pursue the path of growth and contributing beyond myself.

My Why
Being able to clearly articulate Why you do it, establish your purpose, believes and causes. And What you do and How you do it, must me a tangible proof of what you believe.

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